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Aviation Insurance Print

Aircraft Hull:

In-flight coverage protects an insured aircraft against physical damage during all phases of flight and ground operation, including while parked or stored.

Aircraft Liability:
Public liability covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft causes to third party property, such as buildings, vehicles, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision.

Passenger liability protects passengers in the aircraft who are injured or killed. Coverage limits are internationally regulated; for commercial aircraft operating in EU territory, the minimum coverage per passenger is Euro 250,000.
In addition, statutory liability limits apply to passenger baggage and air cargo.

Comprehensive physical assets and liabilities package insurance for: Major international airports as well as regional and local airfields Air traffic control authorities Ramp / ground services Passenger and baggage screening companies Fixed Base Operators Premises & Hangarkeepers’ Liability Maintenance organisations Ground handlers Airport service providers


Why buy insurance?
Insurance policies protect you, your family, your private and business assets against unexpected or unforeseen loss. They are among the most important purchases you will make.